K. Camp and Associates provides Federal and State Oil and Gas Regulatory Consulting Services.  We work to meet the regulatory needs of our clients as they maintain compliance with local, state and federal agencies. KCA can offer support to your regulatory department or you can trust us to become your regulatory department.

Our consulting services cover offshore and onshore projects through the stages of exploration, development, production and decommissioning.

All Permits and Reports


  • Applications for Permit to Drill (Sidetrack / Bypass)
  • Applications for Permit to Modify
  • Rig Moves
  • Open Hole Reports
  • Weekly Activity Reports
  • End of Operations Reports


  • Air Emissions

Texas State Waters and Land

  • RRC
  • TCEQ
  • TGLO

BSEE Submittals:

  • Request for Flare and Burn Approvals
  • Pipeline Applications and Right of Ways (Installation & Decommissioning)
  • Platform Applications (Installation & Decommissioning)
  • Wellbore Downhole Commingling Applications
  • Well Potential Tests
  • Semi-Annual Well Tests
  • OSTS Reports
  • Marine Trash & Debris
  • Tidal Disposal
  • Pipeline / CP Survey
  • SRI’s
  • Sustained Casing Pressure Requests
  • Annual Performance Measures or Reviews

BOEM Submittals:

  • Exploration & Production Plans
  • Development Plans
  • Commingle Permits
  • Leasing and Adjudication
  • Oil Spill Financial Responsibility
  • Sensitive Reservoir Information Reports
  • Bottomhole Pressure Survey Reports


  • EEP’s
  • NavAids

LA State Waters and Land


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