Close Monitoring

We work with our clients and our clients sub-contractors through all stages of the process to get the required permits and approvals. If you need prompt service, we can request an expedited process to assist you in meeting your deadline.

KCA works with the client and governmental agencies while permitting for total field abandonment including site clearance and verification. As oil, gas, or sulphur operations come to a close, it is the responsibility of the lessees and owners of operating rights to return the lease and/or pipeline right-of-way to a condition that meets the regulatory and environmental requirements of each jurisdictional government agency involved.

Some of our regulatory consulting services during the Decommissioning phase include:

Obtain Permits for the Permanent Abandonment of Well(s)

Prepare and Submit Applications for Pipeline and Platform Abandonment

Request Bond Release and Terminations

Prepare and Submit Completion Reports with Site Clearance Verification

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